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Become a Regional Volunteer Team Leader

We are in need of team leaders that can organize and energize volunteers in their region.  We will provide you with all the information and marketing tools you'll need to mount a successful campaign.  All we ask is that you get people involved.  Ask local businesses, schools, first responders, civic groups, and others to donate their old cell phones.  You will not be asked to cold call or collect money.  You decide how many volunteers you want to recruit in your region. 

We will issue you a specific code so that you will be able to see how much money your collections bring to the program.  If you desire, your collection proceeds can be targeted to a local soldier or veteran.  Your efforts will support our troops and at the same time stop old cell phones from ending up in landfills.  

Show our service members how much we appreciate them for what they have done to keep us all safe and free.  Give us your ideas for ways to grow the program.  Our best ideas come from our volunteers.   Fill out the form and we will get in contact with you to talk more about the program.  Thank you so much for joining the effort!


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