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Welcome to Helping Heroes Home, the newest initiative of Cell Phones For Soldiers. While Cell Phones For Soldiers has actively served servicemen and women with free communication tools since 2004, it is the intent of Helping Heroes Home to support Veterans returning from active duty since 2001. Helping Heroes Home also accepts requests from all Veterans who proudly served in past conflicts.

To request funding from Helping Heroes Home, first please review the eligibility requirements outlined below. Helping Heroes Home will review requests on a case-by-case basis.


  • To qualify for funding, the veteran must have served in active duty or been honorably discharged since 2001.
  • Emergency funding may be granted for one of the following reasons:
    • Family needs due to deployment
    • Military related illness or injury
    • Natural disaster
    • Family emergency affecting the day-to-day livelihood of the veteran
  • Funding will not be provided for hardships relating to:
    • Civil,legal or domestic issues
    • Misconduct
    • Spousal separation or divorce
    • Financial mismanagement by self or others
  • Funds will be paid directly to the creditor.


Total amount of expenses paid will vary. The program seeks to serve needs less than $500.00 on average.

  • Communication needs such as:
    • Home phone service
    • Cellphone service
    • Cellphone purchase
    • Internet service
    • Technology-Driven Communication Tools
    • Non-communications emergency financial assistance

Helping Heroes Home gives precedent to communication needs.


  • Requests may be submitted using the online form below.




Submitting an application does not guarantee payment of funds.

For questions relating to the application or program, please contact:
David Foster
(781) 561-5801

Cell Phones For Soldiers and Helping Heroes Home salutes active duty troops and veterans who have served our country!

Proudly serving all branches of the military