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How can your company help?

Plan a Collection Day
Set a timeframe, and ask your associates to collect as many cell phones as they can. Set a goal for how many phones your company should collect.  Agree to donate $5 for every cell phone collected. Point out that for every 100 phones collected,  a local soldier/veteran can have their cellular service paid for a full year.  We'll  send you all of the promotional materials, and provide back office support.

Co-Brand with Helping Heroes Home.org
Your logo will be placed on our calling cards, and you'll be able to have a short message recorded that will be heard each time the card is used.  There is a minimum order for co-branding.  Contact us for more information.

Directly Sponsor a Veteran                                                                                              Choose to pay the cost of the phone and plan for one year. You can designate a local soldier or veteran, or make a general commitment.  You pay the one year fee in advance, and we will administer the calling plan.  The soldier or veteran you sponsor  will receive a text message from your company each month letting them know you are their sponsor.

Sponsor a Free Call Day for troops serving in forward based in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Troops stationed in Forward Operating bases will be able to go to any of the internet cafes and have unlimited calling to the US for a 24 hour period.  Your company message will be played prior to every call placed.  
Soldier, Helping Soldiers in Norwell, MA

Recycle Used Corporate Equipment
Your equipment can be scrubbed and certified that all information has been removed. For large corporate recycling, the process can be performed on-site. You will get a report detailing the value of all recycled equipment, and can designate the use of the proceeds. 

Become a Corporate Sponsor


Please contact dfoster@helpingheroeshome.org for more information about sponsorship levels and program benefits . 

Contact us today to find out more about how you can help the Helping Heroes Home effort!

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